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For 1987 the PRS had it's annual winter rebuild plus a new paint job. I went a bit mad with the airbrush and although it seemed like a good idea at the time, it didn't really work.

The slightly banked Shell Corner at Oulton Park

Formula Ford 1987 to 1995

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In front of Mike Newton's 4 wheel steering Hawke

Lined up at Aintree, ready for a Motoring News journalist to have a track test

In front of a Sark at the Donington Chicane

Mallory Park

Oulton Park

In the garage after a race at Oulton Park. Having won the Qualifying race earlier in the day (My first win), in the main race I clipped a kerb coming into Druids and the car was pitched at high speed into the barriers. Fortunately damage was confined to the front suspension, steering, radiator, bodywork and minor chassis bits.

The car was rebuilt again for 1989, slightly changing the radiator layout. We had been using the original PRS radiators, but had run out of supply and found that Vauxhall Nova versions were a perfect fit, more efficient and a quarter of the price.

The first race of the year was at Oulton Park. The bodywork was rubbed down ready to be resprayed. We just added a few stickers and off we went. I was happy to qualifiy 5th, but unfortunately it all went wrong as having been pushed onto the grass at the first corner I went off again a lap or so later...

...taking off the nosecone and breaking the fixing that keeps the front of the cockpit in place. I got the car going again and all seemed ok until I got to the next straight when the air got under the bodywork and lifted the cockpit up so I couldn't see. I spent the rest of the race with one hand holding the bodywork in place, steering and changing gear with the other!

The PRS repaired and resprayed back to an earlier colour scheme.

In trouble again at Oulton Park!

About to be hit by the red Hawke

At the top of the mountain at Cadwell Park

The car was last used in Competition in 1995 although is occasionally dragged out for the odd Track Day. It's currently in bits and having a very slow rebuild.